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Millennials Aren't The Problem, They're The Answer

Posted by Sarah Clark on April 18, 2019

This originally appeared in MediaPost on April 17, 2019. 

Every day, a new bell tolls for something millennials doomed into obsolescence. Industries and brands point fingers at the generation for “killing” things like cable, diamonds, golf, and casual dining.

“Millennial,” typically used to classify someone born between 1981 and 1996, has become a catchall phrase to describe lazy and selfish tendencies — and credit the decline of older ways of thinking to youthful folly. But the negative media discourse surrounding millennials is inherently flawed.

Blaming Millennials Benefits Nobody

Blaming whole swaths of consumers for changing trends can backfire. Millennials are the bulk of the workforce; they’re an economic power to be reckoned with. In fact, the World Data Lab predicts that this generation will soon have more spending power than any other group.

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How to Use Micro-influencers to Target ‘Local’ Consumers

Posted by Sarah Clark on February 7, 2019

Online efforts seem to operate regardless of geographic location, but audiences still prize ‘local’ expertise. Here’s how influencers help bridge the gap.

This article originally published on PR Daily

Today, the broader world is always within reach.

However, many organizations are discovering that no matter how connected the world may be, real influence starts locally.

At Mitchell, we recently published an extensive report that maps out consumers’ evolving notion of local. We found that 74 percent of millennials and members of Generation Z believe a company’s location on the map is no longer the best marker of what community it belongs to.

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4 Ways to Embed Inclusivity Into Your Culture

Posted by Sarah Clark on February 7, 2019

Just when you thought you understood diversity, you realized your workplace wasn't actually all that inclusive.

This article originally published Jan 31, 2019 in Inc. 

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Hilton is celebrating 100 years in business, a pretty remarkable feat. Yet the corporate centenarian hasn't stuck with antiquated management practices. In fact, Hilton is leading the way by becoming an award-winning employer known for a superior inclusive working environment.

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How Becoming a Mom Made Me a Better Leader

Posted by Sarah Clark on March 8, 2018

High stress. High stakes. A world of responsibility resting squarely on your shoulders. Long hours, few breaks. Sleepless nights. But worth it day after day because the rewards far outweigh the effort. When compared side-by-side, job descriptions for ‘business team leader’ and ‘mother’ are very similar. Both roles require agility, patience, active listening and flexibility.

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