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Notes and Trends from 2016 SXSW…so far

Posted by JamesonSheppard on March 15, 2016

Part 1 of 2: Jameson Sheppard, Creative Director.

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Inaugural Bentonville Film Festival Defined by Many Emerging Themes

Posted by JamesonSheppard on April 28, 2015

What an opportunity – to be a part of a first-year event like the Bentonville Film Festival (BFF). In addition to our inaugural Young Filmmakers Short Pitch Competition, we’ll be participating in festival events, panels, screenings and more. But our involvement and excitement for the festival goes beyond being a sponsor. This is a festival that not only addresses critical issues in the film industry, but serves as a platform to inspire, motivate and drive us to be more inclusive.

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Five Qualities of a Great Video Producer

Posted by JamesonSheppard on April 21, 2014

Our team knows a little about video production. We have traveled to 28 states and four countries producing content over the past few years. We just recently delivered our 500th completed video project.

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Facebook’s Oculus acquisition: What is really going on?

Posted by JamesonSheppard on March 28, 2014

About a month ago, after waiting more than an hour on the sidewalk in Austin during SXSW, I sat down in a chair as a young woman placed a headset over my eyes and followed with a pair of headphones. I chose an experience that was, in my closest comparison, a documentary; only it was sensory, immersive and responsive.

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Infogr.am: Reviewing the Embeddable Infographic Widget

Posted by JamesonSheppard on January 28, 2014

I recently stumbled across a new service called Infogr.am. I got pretty excited as we now have some simple data visualization tools available for free use. I got to work testing it out displaying some data from our video work from the past year. Here is what I found.

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Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Campaign

Posted by JamesonSheppard on May 9, 2013

Organizations and companies are consistently challenged with the dilemma of how to incorporate social media into campaigns. While it may be difficult to work past the nuances of platforms and content, integrating social components into promotions is an integral part of modern-day communications plans.

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Is Vine The Future Of Social Video?

Posted by JamesonSheppard on January 31, 2013

On Jan. 25, Twitter officially launched its new video-sharing platform Vine. The app, available for iPhone and iPod, sports a six-second video upload utility to readily and instantly share micro-videos. Taking after short-format sharing platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, Vine could be the next big thing in social media. Here are some predictions why:

  • Vine will redefine video content: Video as content has undergone growing pains as it relates to social media. Integration across channels has been a challenge with the variety of available platforms. Vine will not solve this problem altogether, but it will redefine what classifies as video content, especially from a brand perspective. Already, users are leveraging Vine to create short recipe, how-to and demonstration videos. We can expect to see a push to shorter and more informal social ads and real-time promotions on the Vine platform.
  • Vine will change how we consume video: While Vine may seem mundane, it offers a solid step into the future of video sharing. It is not the first instant video service, but driven by Twitter, it will experience more success than its predecessors. The style of the Vine’s almost holographic-approach allows users to consume massive amounts of video in short periods of time. The looping function provides a new landscape in information retention. Think of Vine as the potential ancestor to technology seen in Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report.”
  • Vine will shift information distribution: The ability to communicate through the visual context of video sets it apart from still photography; this has been true since the invention of the motion picture. Bringing friends and family along for a vacation is no longer a far-fetched idea from a digital standpoint. News media has already begun to leverage Vine to include instant delivery of video “headlines.”
  • Vine will be forced to adapt: Vine is brand new, but it will likely suffer from social media burnout of a sort. Expect a sharp increase in use over the next several months, and then a steady decline as users struggle to remain innovative with their content. Brands that discover the potential of the platform will likely continue to use it and guide the innovation as Vine moves forward.

The social media landscape and content distribution models are changing rapidly. Services such as Vine offer a glimpse into the future of how information will integrate with our social lives. At least six seconds of it.

Have you tried Vine yet? What do you think of its potential? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet your responses using the hashtag #mcgblog.

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Is Instagram the Frontier of Social Photography?

Posted by JamesonSheppard on August 2, 2011

Our team is always on the hunt for new tools to help us stay on the forefront of social media. From time to time, we come across resources that simply fascinate us, engaging our passion for the art of storytelling.

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CEO Elise Mitchell Featured in Memphis' Commercial Appeal

Posted by JamesonSheppard on July 14, 2011

Mitchell Communications Group CEO Elise Mitchell spoke at the Memphis PRSA chapter on July 13, 2011. Read the article here: Former Memphis public relations pro dispenses advice for success.

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