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How Mistakes Can Actually Build Your Reputation: A Chat with Author Jay Baer on his latest book “Hug Your Haters”

Posted by Elise Mitchell on August 25, 2016

It’s rare that I plan a vacation or dinner at a new restaurant without first checking in with the crowd.  Thanks to Yelp and Trip Advisor, I nearly always get a pretty good feel for what the rooms are like at the hotel I’m considering or the menu at the new tapas place in town. 

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Practical Innovation and Taking Smart Risk to Drive Your Business – Think “Steer Left. Turn Right.”

Posted by Elise Mitchell on October 7, 2015

Elise Mitchell is appearing as a featured speaker at the ICCO Global Summit, Food for Thought: A PR Perspective in Milan, Italy on October 8th. Here she gives an overview of that presentation and a corresponding document available for download.

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Break Out of Your Comfort Zone: 4 Risks Every Leader Should Take

Posted by Elise Mitchell on July 16, 2015

Many business leaders avoid risk because they feel like their margin for error is too slim or they lack confidence in their ability to read the tea leaves. Which of their bets will be a resounding success, and what’s going to be a dismal failure? Make no mistake; failure’s not fun. But taking risk is vital for innovation and growth, and your chances of success often are greater than you think. In a demanding culture where customer needs change frequently, entrepreneurs and business leaders must be willing to step outside of their comfort zones and take calculated risks.

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4 Trends That Harness the Power of the Individual

Posted by Elise Mitchell on June 30, 2015

The age of “my brand, my way” is here.

Consumers want to be known individually, and they no longer accept blanket statements. People are distinct in their preferences and their values. They identify with their uniqueness and expect the brands they care about to notice it, too.

Successful brands will not only take notice, but also discover ways to speak creatively and strategically to the individual — rather than simply categorize individuals as part of a group.

Here are four trends that harness the power of the individual to create greater engagement between consumers and brands.

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What Riding a Motorcycle Taught Me About Change Management

Posted by Elise Mitchell on June 17, 2015

Through the uncertainty of running a business, one constant remains: You can count on things to change. So why is overcoming change so hard?

By embracing change, you’re inviting the unfamiliar — or the unknown — into your world. And no one likes to be caught off guard, especially business leaders.

In fact, leading an enterprise through a decade of change has been one of the most trying tasks I’ve encountered as a business leader. Surprisingly, riding a motorcycle has taught me about the destination and the journey — both on the road and in the business world.

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5 Reasons to Focus on Content Marketing

Posted by Elise Mitchell on May 26, 2015

In the last decade, the public relations industry has experienced an enormous amount of change. No longer do we rely on traditional media and mass outreach to carry the day. We now navigate a highly fragmented, always-on communication landscape to create real connections between businesses, brands and people.

Making and keeping those connections, however, can be a constant challenge in an ever-evolving environment. How can organizations break through in this hyper-connected world and build relationships in meaningful ways?

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Mitchell Communications Group Joins Dentsu Network

Posted by Elise Mitchell on January 4, 2013
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Five PR Industry Predictions for 2013

Posted by Elise Mitchell on December 31, 2012

As we look ahead to the start of a new year, our industry can expect plenty of change and challenge to navigate, but even greater opportunity to leverage. Here’s my take on what’s next.

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Connecting Global Brands with Local Audiences

Posted by Elise Mitchell on July 23, 2012

Last week, Mitchell Communications Group had the honor of sponsoring a PRWeek roundtable discussion at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Leaders representing some of world’s top global brands such as Walmart, Hilton Hotels & Resorts and Tyson Foods Inc. came together as our President and CEO Elise Mitchell spoke about best practices for connecting global brands with local audiences. The following are some of the thoughts she shared with participants.

Global companies work very hard to build a brand that is identifiable, consistent and valued across many borders. But how can a global brand connect with local audiences that can be vastly different from one place to another?

Public relations professionals play a vital role in bridging the gap between global and local with our own version of the three R’s: relevance, resonance and relationships.

Relevance: Does it matter to me?

Brands make promises all the time, but they must understand how to make the promises relevant to consumers with different needs that are at least partially driven by where they live. What is relevant to someone in Indiana can be entirely different to someone in India or in Indianola, Miss.

The key to being relevant is to know your customers. Research them. Listen to them. Your ears and your eyes can be your most important tools. Without this knowledge, you will miss opportunities to find meaningful ways to meet their needs.

Resonance: Does it speak to me?

There is so much noise in the marketplace. In order to make sure a company’s messages break through, we have to be very intentional about what we say, how we say it and how we reach our audience.

  • What we say: People want to hear stories that bring brands to life – stories about how products and services make a difference, about people, about their communities.
  • How we say it: It is vital to speak in a way that sounds familiar and comfortable. This means focusing on tone, style and even dialect. There is no quicker way to turn off a potential customer than by speaking in a tone or with messaging that doesn’t fit their lifestyle.
  • How we reach them: We reach customers in a variety of ways: traditional media, social media, online, on location or by phone. Of the primary media channels – earned, owned, shared, paid and promoted – public relations leads the way in the first three. These are powerful channels we can leverage to reach customers where they are and where they are willing to engage with us.

Relationships: Are we connected?

Every brand wants more than just customers; they want brand fans. Trust and consistency are the only routes to accomplish this, and there are many things we can do it earn it.

  • Equip and empower a local go-to person for the community to put a local face on your brand.
  • Provide support for local causes that show your brand appreciates and supports what matters to local customers.
  • Source local products and suppliers somewhere in the supply chain to show your brand values things that are available in a customer’s hometown.

Beyond this, there is a secret weapon every company can use: Put a spotlight on your best brand ambassadors, your own associates and team members. Many times, their stories provide the authentic connection customers are seeking. They illustrate how we have helped our own people, given them opportunities, allowed them to make a difference in some way.

If you can find a story like this, you’ll get relevance, resonance and relationship all in one.

What other tips do you have to connect a global brand with a local audience? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet them using the hashtag #mcgblog.

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