Making the Most of Your Grand Opening

Posted by Ashley Harris on July 25, 2013

Opening a new business -- whether it’s a local toy store, an upscale clothing boutique or a family restaurant -- can be stressful. The last thing you want to have happen is for no one to know your establishment exists. That is why putting together a successful grand-opening event is important.

Making the most of your grand opening 20130811

Before you open, you want to pre-announce anything of importance. This could include signing the lease on your space, announcing job openings and issuing news about key hires or available product lines. While these may not merit lengthy stories in the local daily newspaper or a mention on the nightly newscast, they will help in building initial visibility for your endeavor. They may get bigger play in a local weekly paper or online outlet, so be sure you include those on your mailing list.

As your grand-opening day approaches, you will want to look for ways to connect with the community you serve. This is where the market research you did before opening your establishment will be quite handy as you consider who you really want to reach most with any opening event.

It is vital to connect with the community and/or your target audience from the get-go, so designing an event to reach those people is best.

One great way to reach a target audience is to have a VIP preview. This is a highly targeted event that caters specifically to the core of your sales demographic. You also want to invite any local dignitaries such as council members, first responders or anyone else who helped pave the way for you to open your business.

The purpose of this event is to get people talking about your establishment before you open it to the public.

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