How You Reach A Diverse Audience

Posted by Ann-Marie Satterfield on July 18, 2013

At the heart of public relations lies the success of having effectively reached one’s audience. Through listening to consumers and clients, as well as researching audiences on a larger scale, you will gain a true understanding for the audience’s wants and needs, which is imperative to creating successful, strategic messaging to attract them to your brand.

Large group of ethnicity

To consistently and effectively communicate with multiple, often diverse audiences, it is important to shape public relations efforts around consumers, influencers and the media to reach your goals. When developing a plan to reach an audience diverse in culture or origin and either domestically or internationally, knowing key customs and differentiators will help you identify opportunities to connect with them on a personal and cultural level.

Determine themes and touch points where a particular cultural audience can be engaged and build programs with those insights, initiatives and perks to make those consumers feel at home with your products or services. Holidays and celebrations are part of many diverse cultures, and by including elements of that tradition in the messaging, visuals and actions, the audience will feel welcomed and respected. The authenticity used when reaching out to any cultural audience is imperative in order to ensure they feel valued. Once trusted as a provider for a given culture, they will gain interest in your product and services.

Identify key stakeholders of the audience, including leveraging officials and other individuals who may be influential in endorsing and sharing a message with a diverse culture of consumers. These stakeholders are critical to develop and maintain credibility. Key targeted traditional media and social outlets will provide the best resources to directly reach diverse audiences. By offering tailored messaging to selected newspapers, dailies, trade publications and other media directed toward the audience, the credibility of your message will reach the end consumer.

With a greater emphasis on positioning a company or product as a global leader, catering to and successfully reaching diverse international markets will prove key. To drive your brand forward, it is vital to remain on the cutting-edge of trends, insights and interests of those cultures you have targeted. Building on those through a variety of the right communication vehicles will offer the most authentic and consistent outreach to your audience.

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