Agency Spotlight: Allyson McGuire

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on April 19, 2017

Here at Mitchell, we are fortunate enough to have an abundance of team members who are worthy of recognition due to their hard work and creative approaches to storytelling. We wanted to provide you with a way to get to know your Mitchell team through this week’s Agency Spotlight.


Allyson McGuire 

Job Title: Art Director, currently providing additional support in Brand Reputation through Account Management

Born/grew up: Fort Smith, Arkansas

College/Degree: I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications and a Master of Science in Agricultural Communications

Prior to Mitchell I was: Gaining experience at other agencies, project coordinating, and I oversaw editorial design for a youth livestock magazine. I also love art, so I paint, I do a lot of custom work and prints.

What do you love to do in your spare time? For the past few years I have volunteered on the Chapter Advisory Board for Kappa Delta, advising chapter officers. I currently advise the Vice President of Public Relations. I help my family with our Angus business, I love to tailgate at any Razorback event, cook, read, spend quality time with good friends (we call ourselves The Ricks), plan parties and best of all, spend time with my two cats, Penny and Lady Ellen.

What would you do if you won the lottery? First, I would take care of my family, then pay off my student loans. With the rest, I would love to start a nonprofit that I could use my creative talents in a way that helps others, I don’t know the details yet but something creative.

What is on your bucket list? I must meet Nick Offerman

Favorite TV Show? Mad Men

Favorite Musician/Song? I am currently on a spiritual journey with Adele

When you were 12, you dreamed of being...? I’ve always been artistic, so I knew I wanted to do something with that. I remember drawing princess dresses, and I won an art competition in 2nd grade. When I was about eleven, my friends and I made our own Hanson newsletters by cutting pictures and gluing them onto pieces of paper. I started using a graphic design mindset at an early age.

Favorite Food? Always Mexican food

Hidden Talent: I am annoyingly good at puns

How do you want to be remembered? Someone who cares, notices and takes interest in people.

What is your favorite part about storytelling? Communicating emotion, getting someone emotionally involved and when it works, it is satisfying. And making them cry is a plus.

Favorite element about working at Mitchell? The people. I laugh every day, I am happy every day and I have a support system. I have never once dreaded coming to work and you don’t find that everywhere.