Experience the Eclipse -- Through Music?

Posted by Amanda Keeney on August 21, 2017

In 1977, Close Encounters of the Third Kind was on the big screen. And, wow… that music! With today’s significant solar event, I’m reminded of songs that create wonder, articulate our connection to a larger world or simply celebrate our ability to step barefooted on green grass and dance beneath the moonlight.
Earlier today, I witnessed the creation of a solar projection box for my nine-year-old son. Admittedly, it’s left me feeling a bit nostalgic and with more than a few songs rattling in my head. In 1979, I was seven years old and leaned on my dad, an unabashed music and science nerd, to help me fashion my own solar projection box. I still remember feeling giddy with my head surrounded in cardboard.
A little background – My parents were band nerds. In fact, my mom, a medaled majorette, said she selected the tympani simply to be seated nearer my dad – a masterful musician and trumpet player. I say nerd in the best possible sense and I count myself lucky for their unabashed love of music. Growing up, my bedroom featured a prized record player where I would listen to my mom and dad’s music collection and gaze out at the night sky to consider my place in a changing world.
In anticipation of today’s big event, I serenaded my son with almost every song I can think of from an eclectic music collection I inherited from my parents: Moonglow, Moondance, Harvest Moon, Both Sides Now, Moonriver, etc. I’ll admit, my parent’s nerdiness lives on in me. There are many examples. Here’s one: marching bands make me cry.

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Doing My Part to #SaveOurCities: My First National Urban League Conference Experience

Posted by DeShaun Artis on August 11, 2017

When I was in college my life felt like it was in constant motion between taking a full load of classes, internships, on campus jobs, my fraternity and other involvement. As a recent grad my day was over after about 5:30 PM – and it was a little weird. While I enjoyed the freedom to relax after work, I knew I needed to be doing something in my newfound free time to make a difference. When I learned that a chapter of the National Urban League Young Professionals was coming to Arkansas I knew this was my opportunity to get involved again and give back.

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Little Boy, Big Dreams: Mitchell Helps One Pawsitively Ambitious Client Become Tomorrow’s Social Media Star

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on August 8, 2017

Social media influencers are becoming a critical component of marketing strategies in industries across the board. As the strength of influencer marketing grows, brands realize it’s about more than finding influencers with the largest number of followers. The true power of influencers is not measured by their follower count, but in their ability to influence people through authentic content. Influencer marketing platform MuseFind shows that 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement. But that trust doesn’t happen overnight. Influencers incrementally gain the trust of strangers every day. 

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What's In My Bag? -- A Toolkit for Real-Time Content Sharing

Posted by Lindsey Little on July 14, 2017

Last weekend I was in New Orleans for Essence Festival supporting a client by publishing content to their social channels in real time. I had a production crew capturing content and other team members supporting the client in other ways. It was a fast-paced, action-packed weekend and we capture a ton of content. The image below is everything I had in my backpack all weekend. This backpack was like my survival kit – I lived out of it! Here’s a peek into how I prepared for the weekend, and tips for what it takes if you’ve got an upcoming event perfect for content storytelling.   

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