4 Things That Will Inspire You About Today's PR Landscape

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on October 18, 2016


The PR and media landscape has transformed dramatically from what it was even five years ago. As our industry evolves and we sharpen new ways to communicate and reach consumers, here are 4 thought-provoking reminders to inspire you today:

1. Diversity should be embraced as if the future depends on it.

Because it does. Diversity of thought is what makes good teams GREAT. Welcome new and different ideas from new and different people from new and different backgrounds, and you and your clients will be thrilled with the results.

2. Employees are amazing brand ambassadors.

Content shared by employees has 8x greater engagement than content shared by the organization itself. The world craves authenticity and the personalized delivery by an employee on behalf of your brand makes all the difference.

3. Every story needs heart.

Every story needs: A reason to be told, A hero, A conflict, To touch our hearts, and To "go viral" <-- To live from generation to generation.

4. PR is up to the challenge!

PR agencies are best positioned to manage clients' needs in a noisy world. PR strategists are consistently good at two things: 1) Being reactive to what the world cares about right now, and 2) Telling a good story.


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