Creating a Compelling Culture

What is it about Disney World that captivates the world? Why do people continue to fly Southwest with no option of first-class seating?

There is an intangible asset of these organizations that is visible through their employees. These organizations have great stories to tell, and their customers share great stories about them.

Some organizations have great cultures that help their organizations thrive, while others are struggling to survive. Cultures are usually created unconsciously and are based on the values of top management and founders of the organization. Your company’s culture is determined by your entire team’s beliefs and behaviors as they pertain to each other, your customers and your mission.

With that in mind, is your culture how you want it? Do you have an effective team culture? High-performing organizations pull together the […]

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    High-Performing Teams High-Performing Teams

    High-Performing Teams

High-Performing Teams

Working in a team environment is often expected, but it is not always easy. An employee working on a team that does not function well often dreams of being moved to a different team because conflict is evident or they don’t believe they are empowered or valued. People want to work where they are valued and utilized.

Working on a team is difficult. Teams are groups of individuals with varying personalities, experiences, skill sets and roles. Teams are expected to make decisions, provide a high-quality product, and achieve excellence to impact the organization’s bottom line.

With that in mind, what is it that makes a team succeed? Is it the right vision statement, the most qualified team members, the expertise everyone offers? Or, is there something more to becoming a high-performing team? The tangible […]