More Than a Crap Shoot: How to Make Better Decisions in This Environment

street2How do you make decisions: quickly and decisively, after much thought and analysis, only after consulting with others?  As a fundamental part of our management strategy here at MCG, we’ve developed a decision-making process that has served us well and supported our growth through the years.

But will this same process hold up in the evolving business environment we live and work in now?  Probably not. Going forward, our leadership team — and I believe this applies to all leaders in general — must be willing to change some of the most fundamental things relied upon in the past to help them lead more effectively in an uncertain future.  Making critical decisions should be at the top of the list.

A recent article on dynamic management […]

Beating Fear

2008 blake

Fear of public speaking can strike even the most seasoned presenters. What are some things you can do to help you beat fear?

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

The better you know your material the more confident you will be.

Arrive early to your presentation

This allows you to meet some of the people you will be presenting to and ensure you have some friendly faces in the audience.


Take a few deep breaths, smile, laugh. If given the chance, go for a brisk walk or listen to your favorite music on the way to the meeting.

Speak and speak often

Take every opportunity made available to you to speak. The more you present in front of people the more at ease you will become with learning how you are […]