Have you ever asked yourself the question “What benefit does involvement in social media offer to my business?” Many people see social media as a hobby, or only for young people, but miss the important business applications of tools like Twitter, Facebook and blogs.  A couple of weeks ago, our chief operating officer Michael Clark shared his insights into the business value of becoming active in social media by participating in an article of the Benton County Daily Record. Two business reasons to get active in social media:

  • Immediate consumer research and feedback; and
  • Communicating your message to your stakeholders.

Social media gives businesses, organizations and individuals the opportunity to build their brand reputation, share information and communicate with their customer-base.  When should you start getting in the social-media space? After reading the article below, it’s safe to say there’s no better time than the present.

Michael Clark, APR – www.twitter.com/clarknwark, […]