Fundamental Skills for New Managers

2008 blakeWe often hear about a bright, experienced employee who has been promoted.  In this new position, the employee will be leading a team – something he/she has never done before or been equipped to do.

 People are not born successful managers. It takes time, training and guidance from mentors and peers as well as hands-on experience to become an effective manager.  Those of us who are more experienced managers may find ourselves in a supervisory or mentoring position to help bring along less experienced colleagues.

How can you advise a new manager as he or she enters into this next phase of their  career?  Here are a few fundamentals you can share with someone who is tackling their first management opportunity. 

Have You Been Thinking of Work and Life Balance Lately?

Cydnee CochranFinding a balance between one’s professional life and personal life has always been a challenge. In difficult economic times it may seem impossible. Work becomes more important than ever before – those who have jobs may be working harder to adjust to staffing and budget cuts, while those who do not have jobs are focusing all their efforts and energy on finding employment. Throw in technology’s mixed blessing of 24/7 access to phone, e-mail and Internet, and the professional can quickly eclipse the personal completely.

But, these are the times when finding the balance is the most critical. balanceMaking a conscious effort to carve out time for activities not related to work — […]

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