Sarah Clark Champions The Energy And Innovation Of Diversity

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on March 28, 2019

This article was originally published on on March 28, 2019.

As building diverse workforces and diverse workplaces becomes more important, I want to profile business leaders who have been thoughtful and intentional in creating workplaces that embrace different people, needs, and skill sets.

This interview features Sarah Clark, the CEO of Mitchell, an integrated PR firm that creates connections between businesses, brands, and people through strategic insights, customized conversations, and consumer engagement. Clark has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications and a strong track record of protecting corporate reputations and redefining perceptions in key areas of business.

Sarah Clark recognizes the value of diversity — but also recognizes that it can't exist as an "initiative."  SARAH CLARK

Serenity Gibbons: What responsibility, if any, do you feel leaders have regarding building diverse workplaces?

Sarah Clark: Culture comes from the top down, as well as the bottom up, which means leaders must drive and nurture diversity from every angle. First, though, they must see people as people, not as titles, colors, genders, etc. True inclusion can only exist when diversity becomes so woven into the organization’s fabric that it’s an everyday expectation, not a seasonal or annual initiative. 

The good news is that the majority of leaders understand their responsibility to promote equality and inclusion. However, many have not learned how to move their workforce from seeing diversity as a badge or a quota to helping team members genuinely value one another’s unique backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets.

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#ThrowbackThursday - Big Break edition

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on March 14, 2019

Each year, Mitchell hosts a week-long immersion into the Mitchell agency experience. We call it BIG BREAK: DISCOVERING DIVERSE TALENT.

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5 Ways to Create Fluid Talent in Your Company

Posted by Sheerah Davis on February 7, 2019

This article was originally published on HR Daily.

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How to Use Micro-influencers to Target ‘Local’ Consumers

Posted by Sarah Clark on February 7, 2019

Online efforts seem to operate regardless of geographic location, but audiences still prize ‘local’ expertise. Here’s how influencers help bridge the gap.

This article originally published on PR Daily

Today, the broader world is always within reach.

However, many organizations are discovering that no matter how connected the world may be, real influence starts locally.

At Mitchell, we recently published an extensive report that maps out consumers’ evolving notion of local. We found that 74 percent of millennials and members of Generation Z believe a company’s location on the map is no longer the best marker of what community it belongs to.

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